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  • Interdisciplinary designer.

    Based in Berlin, I’m freelancing for international clients, working at glow communications and collaborating with Merox Onlinemarketing, HAKK and Team Jiminy.
    I'm also the founder of Some Studio and creator/curator of the blog Minimal Gallery.

  • Strategy, design and art direction of bloomers’ new health-app.
    Coming soon.

  • Design and development of a new website for the musician- and YouTube-star management Check One Two Perfect.

  • Minimal Gallery, my curated blog for web design inspiration.

  • New website for photographer Alexander Heidel.

  • Design of a DJ's mixtape cover.

  • Book layout for CIL, an international human rights organization.

  • Multiple print designs for KONE.

  • Responsive version of blush’s dessous online shop.

  • One page website for an independent politician.

    // Collaboration with HAKK Creative Factory

  • Website and multiple print products for a stone sculpting artist.

  • If you have an opportunity in mind or would like to see my complete list of clients and non public work, feel free to get in touch. I’m always open for future collaborations.

    - Twitter